KATEH Review

Hello Everyone!

Recently we went to a Persian restaurant I’ve been hearing of, called KATEH…

The following will be a quick review of what we had..

First I’d like to start with a comment which I deeply truly believe is important when I go to a Persian Restaurant..

Go for REAL Persian food.

I found out that KATEH serves authentic Persian , not the indian – Arabic infused or modified version. I do hope it stays that way.

However they do have a stew filled with Arabic spices, that stew is not even close to being Persian, my friends.

now, a heads up of what you should expect when you order Persian;

Cholo Kabab… Rice … NO SPICES … NO Curry …. No spicy food …. Saffron … Lots of Saffron everywhere … embedded Kabab somewhere and stews ! And please do Order Tahchin … Tahchin compliments all the stews and Kababs of the universe.

Okay back to our humble review..

  • Quality of Rice and Meat used are better than other Persian restaurants I’ve been to around Kuwait.


A plate of little tiny bit of white feta cheese with a bit of walnut does arrive at your table after the bread, trust me by that time you have completely whipped the once existed bread on the plate, I did make a comment that they should come together.

MAST MUSSEER – was good but also arrived after all the main dishes,


NAZ KHATUN – I Personally loved it and had it as a stew with the white rice, it’s half aubergine/eggplant ( 3ashan la7ad yz3al) topped with beef and spinach and you can feel the sourness, I would definitely order again.

Kashk Bademjun

Khashk Bademjun – the typical kashk e – bademjun, very rich eggplant taste with thickened yogurt, was good.

Main dishes:


Kababs were really good, tender and well seasoned.

Vegetarian Stew

This is a vegetarian stew, more like our traditional Marag spices, goes well with white rice and tahchin.


– I have to say that we did find a hair in the Kabab stuck and partially grilled :/ , but cause it's a new restaurant and I was there on a busy day, I would give them another try. Plus, after mentioning the issue to the manager, they offered us complimentary tea and dessert.

Now my favourite Part ; TEA & DESSERT

We ordered a molten cake which was good and had good chocolate quality. I loved the white dessert which I can't remember it's name, it was amazing I loved the sesame flavoured ice-cream and the thick sauce on the side. Would definately order it again.

The Anonymous White dessert


The food was good , but the service wasn't so great.

 I was there on a friday around 3 o clock for lunch, and expect being on waiting list for an hour or so.

Over all I would give it 7/10.

See you guys soon with a new post ! 

Thanks for reading 😀

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